dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

Dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

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5710xxxx x dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

dribble specs basketball dribbling aid

Dribble specs or dribble goggles improve basketball ball handing skills. Point guards wear the dribble specs while performing routine basketball drills to improve ball handling skills and court vision. Here are a few basketball drills to try while wearing dribble specs.

Cone weave Dribbling Drill

  • Arrange a set of 5 economy cones 10 feet apart in a straight line. (doesn’t have to be exactly 10 feet just walk about 5 paces)
  • Practice weaving (or “snaking”) through the cones while dribbling a basketball. When you reach the end do a 180 and go back through. Do 3 sets of 5 laps. (once and back is a lap)
  • Switch to your outside hand while dribbling around cones. For example if you are weaving to your right around the cone, dribble with your right hand. Imagine that the cones are defenders and you want to keep the ball as far away from them as possible.
  • Once you are comfortable weaving through cones, try the drill while wearing the dribble specs. Don’t try to go at the same speed with the specs as without. It’s important to gradually ease into this dribbling drill while incorporating the dribble specs so you do not trip over the cones, your feet or the ball!
  • Practice a crossover dribble before each cone, experienced dribblers can practice dribbling between their legs as they snake around cones.
  • Wear dribble specs while practicing dribbling from one hand to the other, try and dribble as low to ground as you can while crouching and switch hands quickly.

Dribble Specs improve point guard court vision

It just makes sense for a point guard to look up at the court and not at the ball as he dribbles up the court. The ball handler has a much better chance of finding an open teammate for an assist and is less likely to get the ball stolen if their head is up. Wearing dribble specs basketball dribbling aids during practice while dribbling the ball up the court will assist players in resisting the temptation to look down at the ball. Here is a drill for point guards and other basketball players that handle the ball a great deal:

Dribble Specs passing drills

  • While wearing dribble specs, practice dribbling up a basketball court, set up a chair (or better yet, get a friend) to stand underneath the basketball goal.
  • When you reach about 10 feet from the 3 point line fire a quick chest pass to your friend or try and hit the chair under the goal.
  • Practice this drill so that you can dribble up the entire court without looking down at the ball and until you can hit the chair or your friend under the goal 10 times in a row from about the 3 point line.
  • Once you’ve mastered this drill have your friend dart from 3 point to the goal. The object is to hit your teammate in stride 10 times in a row while wearing the dribble specs. Bonus points if you can orchestrate an alley oop.
  • Dribble a basketball about 10 feet away from a brick or other sturdy wall.
  • Practice passing the ball firmly against the wall so that the ricochet will bounce back to you. Practice bounce passing and chest passes at the wall. Switch up dribbling from one hand to the other and between the legs between passes.



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