Huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike

Huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike

by eSportsonline

1337051 x Huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike

huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike


Retro bikes are making a comeback! And the Huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike fits the mold.

Take a ride down memory lane with the huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike. This classic bicycle offers a super smooth  bicycling experience. The durable steel classic cruiser frame comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty. Ultimate carry-all system with steel mesh front basket, rear rack and even a handlebar beverage holder.

The embroidered saddle with comfort padding and springs, feels great even on long leisurely rides. You will feel like you’re riding on air!

The easy to use coaster brakes provide both safety and comfort while biking.

Classic front and rear fenders help keep you clean and dry Grips and pedals composed of specialized materials for a great feel.

This bike is perfect for commuting, exercising, a picnic or a slow ride through the park. The cup holder fits your favorite beverage so you can stay hydrated and happy!

Huffy Ladies Deluxe Cruiser Features and Benefits:

  • Classic steel cruiser frame with adjustable rear rack
  • Coaster brakes
  • 40mm Alloy painted rims with 12-gauge spokes and 26″ x 2.125″ Whitewall tires
  • Fenders
  • Padded and embroidered spring comfort saddle
  • Front basket
  • Beverage holder
  • Dual density grips and pedals
  • Huffy hang tag
  • Assembly required
  • Ships to U.S. addresses only
  • Not available for shipment to APO/FPO locations
  • Not available for shipment to Canada

Where do I purchase the Huffy Ladies Deluxe Cruiser?

Go to eSportsonline for the 26″ huffy ladies deluxe cruiser bike for only $122.39, that’s 15% off retail price, plus you get Free Shipping!

dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

Dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

from eSportsonline


5710xxxx x dribble specs basketball dribbling aids

dribble specs basketball dribbling aid

Dribble specs or dribble goggles improve basketball ball handing skills. Point guards wear the dribble specs while performing routine basketball drills to improve ball handling skills and court vision. Here are a few basketball drills to try while wearing dribble specs.

Cone weave Dribbling Drill

  • Arrange a set of 5 economy cones 10 feet apart in a straight line. (doesn’t have to be exactly 10 feet just walk about 5 paces)
  • Practice weaving (or “snaking”) through the cones while dribbling a basketball. When you reach the end do a 180 and go back through. Do 3 sets of 5 laps. (once and back is a lap)
  • Switch to your outside hand while dribbling around cones. For example if you are weaving to your right around the cone, dribble with your right hand. Imagine that the cones are defenders and you want to keep the ball as far away from them as possible.
  • Once you are comfortable weaving through cones, try the drill while wearing the dribble specs. Don’t try to go at the same speed with the specs as without. It’s important to gradually ease into this dribbling drill while incorporating the dribble specs so you do not trip over the cones, your feet or the ball!
  • Practice a crossover dribble before each cone, experienced dribblers can practice dribbling between their legs as they snake around cones.
  • Wear dribble specs while practicing dribbling from one hand to the other, try and dribble as low to ground as you can while crouching and switch hands quickly.

Dribble Specs improve point guard court vision

It just makes sense for a point guard to look up at the court and not at the ball as he dribbles up the court. The ball handler has a much better chance of finding an open teammate for an assist and is less likely to get the ball stolen if their head is up. Wearing dribble specs basketball dribbling aids during practice while dribbling the ball up the court will assist players in resisting the temptation to look down at the ball. Here is a drill for point guards and other basketball players that handle the ball a great deal:

Dribble Specs passing drills

  • While wearing dribble specs, practice dribbling up a basketball court, set up a chair (or better yet, get a friend) to stand underneath the basketball goal.
  • When you reach about 10 feet from the 3 point line fire a quick chest pass to your friend or try and hit the chair under the goal.
  • Practice this drill so that you can dribble up the entire court without looking down at the ball and until you can hit the chair or your friend under the goal 10 times in a row from about the 3 point line.
  • Once you’ve mastered this drill have your friend dart from 3 point to the goal. The object is to hit your teammate in stride 10 times in a row while wearing the dribble specs. Bonus points if you can orchestrate an alley oop.
  • Dribble a basketball about 10 feet away from a brick or other sturdy wall.
  • Practice passing the ball firmly against the wall so that the ricochet will bounce back to you. Practice bounce passing and chest passes at the wall. Switch up dribbling from one hand to the other and between the legs between passes.



Athlete dehydration prevention, the dangers of heat exhaustion

Athlete dehydration prevention is a serious matter for coaches and players of all sports and all levels.

With temperatures reaching 100+ degrees in the hot summer months, the temperature on the field can be even hotter. Athlete dehydration prevention is as important as ever.

How can you keep your team safe and hydrated while maintaining a competitive level? The following tips and advice use football hydration as an example because of the increased cases of, heat stroke and even death due to sports dehydration, but the principles described can apply to any sport and any athlete.


Guidelines regarding the consumption of sports drinks:

Here’s some great advice from about how to keep your players safe on and off the playing field.

  • 1-2 hours before football workouts: 450-600 ml
  • Every 15 minutes during football workouts: 200-300 ml
  • After football workouts: 720 ml and above
FB SPCDS A L Athlete dehydration prevention, the dangers of heat exhaustion

Team Drinkers keep players hydrated and in the game

The general rule is to drink even before you feel thirsty and to have a schedule for it.

Sports drinks are great but if you cannot always afford it there’s no substitute for water. Coaches should always have athlete hydration supplies available.

If dealing with ice, cups and coolers is a concern there are team drinkers that allow coaches to hydrate several players at a time without cups and messy cleanup.

Keep it Cool

Another way coaches are keeping their teams hydrated is by reducing the heat on the field and thus the amount of water their players’ lose through sweat. This can be achieved by using various sports cooling products, here are a few ideas for athletes to keep cool.

  • Wrap a wet towel around your neck during timeouts on the sidelines and bench.
    This tried and true method has been used since sports have been around. The cold wet towel around your neck cools the blood as it passes through your veins, helping to lower your entire body temperature.
  • Use sports cooling vest before and after event.
    In advance of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Nike developed the Nike Precool Vest for Olympic athletes. Intended to be worn for an hour prior to events in the hot and humid conditions in Beijing, Nike reported an expected increase of 21% in an athletes endurance.
  • Employ sports cooling fans on your sidelines and near the playing field.
    FB SPCMIST A L Athlete dehydration prevention, the dangers of heat exhaustion

    Sports Cool "Mister" cooling fan cools temperature in front of fan 10-20 degrees up to 50' feet away.

    Sports cooling fans have been around for years, but the technology has improved. Many years ago sports cooling fans were big, loud clunky wind tunnels that merely blew more hot air on the sidelines. If you were lucky, a water hose was attached or hung in front of the wind hung in front of the machine to provide some cooling relief.

    Times have changed, coaches now use state of the art Sport Cool cooling fans which can lower the temperature in front of fan 10 to 30 degrees up to 30′ feet away. Suddenly a 100+ degree day at practice can feel like a cool, comfortable 75 degrees. Sports cooling fans only require water and an electrical outlet. The fans are now equipped with a dolly-like frame for easy transportation and portable cooling.

Watch a video on Sports Cool Fogger Outdoor Cooling System

 Be aware

Don’t schedule practice during the hottest part of the day.  Hold early morning practices when the scorching heat has not had time to set in. For football coaches, have only half pads and shorts practices during the day.

Scheduling practice “anytime after noon” is also not always a good idea in the summer. Noon is kind of a misconception. Typically the hottest hour of the day is 3pm. This is due to water vapor charging up with heat and finally radiating with the sunlight. Noon is merely when the sun is the most directly over head. (Source

Coaches also use Heat & Humidity Stopwatches, and Heat Index Warning Systems which are portable stopwatch devices that can be worn around the neck and will send an alert when heat levels reach dangerous levels.

When it comes to athlete dehydration prevention, the safety of your team should always be at the top of the list. By using some of the methods described in this article along with some common sense and prevent athlete hydration.



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