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ab wheel 300x300 Best Ab Workouts | The Ab Wheel by eSportsonline

The ab wheel is a convenient inexpensive and effective solution for burning fat fast!

The ab wheel is one of the best ab workouts you’ll ever experience.

The ab wheel is not only effective, but it’s affordable and convenient. For less than $10 and only a couple of minutes a day you can be well on your way to perfectly-sculpted rock hard abs.

The genius behind the ab wheel is it’s simplicity.

Unlike other ab workouts, you don’t need to be in great shape to start using the device. You control the pace and resistance level with your own body weight and balance.

How to use the Ab Wheel

  • Be sure to stretch first
  • Get on all fours in a comfortable position with knees about shoulder width apart. Preferably on a hard surface, (but the ab wheel can be used on carpet too). If you find this position hurts your knees we recommend you use a pillow, folded up blanket or even an inexpensive stretching mat or yoga mat.
  • Grab the contoured ab wheel handles with both hands on opposite sides of the wheel.
  • Slowly lunge forward until you feel your resistance in your abs and as you core begins to tighten. At this point go just a little further (only a few inches) then, pause for one or two seconds. Finally, slowly return to starting position.
  • Beginners should only go a few feet before recoiling to starting position. As you gain experience and strength, increase the distance.

Ab Wheel Demonstrations:

Ab Wheel for Beginners

Ab Wheel for Experts

Ab wheel tips and pointers:

  • Use your ab muscles and core to do the work! Concentrate on your abs during both the extension and return
  • Keep your entire core tight during the brief pause at full extension. The recoil process is not the end of the exercise, it is as important as the extension process for fat burning
  • Don’t cheat and use your arms to do the work, a few good isolated core-crunching reps is better than several poorly executed reps
  • Don’t overdo it! As time goes on and with ab wheel practice, your core will gain strength, you will lose weight and it will become easier
  • Experienced ab wheel users extend fully until their body is almost parallel with the ground. Angling reps a few degrees to left and right will help target the oblique muscles
  • Cross your legs or keep them apart during ab wheel reps, do whatever feels most comfortable for you

What’s the best workout for targeting abs and flabby arms?

Use the ab wheel!  The ab wheel not only slims your waistline and trims belly fat, it’s builds upper body strength and tones arms. Just a few minutes a day using the ab wheel will tone flabby arms and strengthen triceps.

Features and Benefits of the Ab Wheel:

  • Effective -- in just 3 minutes a day you can have perfect abs using the ab wheel.
  • Dual wheel -- for added stability
  • Contoured handles -- for easy grip, comfort and control
  • Glides smoothly -- wheel offers no resistance for optimal isolation of abs, arm chest and core, slow steady resistance offers a great fat burning alternative compared to quick twitch reps
  • Strengthens core -- A strong core can reduce back pain, improve posture, lower blood pressure and more energy. Read more about benefits of a strong core.
  • Convenient -- the lightweight ab wheel weighs less than 2 lbs and can be thrown in a gym bag for work or travel.
  • Easy storage -- At less than one cubic foot in size, the ab wheel can be stored in a drawer or under the bed with ease (unlike many other costly, bulky home ab workout programs)
  • Fun! -- As you get progressively better and stronger using the ab wheel, you will look forward to your daily ab workout. After a few weeks your clothes will start fitting loosely and your form will improve.

Simple 3-minute ab wheel workout

Complete this simple 3-minute ab wheel workout just once per day and watch the fat melt away.

  • Mark a spot on the floor or your mat to position your knees for every workout. Then place a mark or piece of tape on the floor a few feet away from your knees. This will be your distance success marker. Put another mark or piece of tape a few inches past your original mark to set as a distance goal marker. Try to make it to the next goal/marker every two weeks. If you are traveling or switch locations for ab wheel workouts, you can use a yard stick, tape measure or any other measuring device to monitor distance. The key to effective ab wheel workouts is consistency, repetition and intensity.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps with ab wheel at a comfortable, but slightly challenging distance.
  • As you lose weight, gain abdominal and core strength, extend your range of motion. Try and work up to 3 sets of 15 reps, then 20. Once you have mastered this sets of reps, challenge yourself to doing consecutive ab wheel reps for 1 full minute without break, then 2, then 3.

Where to buy the ab wheel?

Go to right now to purchase the ab wheel for only $6.72 -- that’s 55% Off retail price.

Ab wheel shipping inside the continental United States  eSportsonline is typically $5-$6. So (in most cases) for less than $15 you can have the ab wheel delivered right to your door and your body transformation can begin. (eSportsonline ships fast too).

How do you use the ab wheel?

We’d love to hear your feedback and so would others. Ab wheel owners, enter your product review in the form directly below. Customers, submit your questions, comments and feedback in our comments section.

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eSportsonline Ab Wheel Ab Wheel by eSportsonline. Tones and strengthens abdominal muscles and core. Double wheel for added stability and balance. Lightweight dual wheel ab wheel with contoured handles. SKU MSABWHLX UPC 741178000248 Model MSABWHLX

killer ab workout

Sep 23, 2011 by michael

I tried the ab wheel and thought it was pretty easy, that is until the next day when I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed! I kept on doing it for a couple of weeks and before I knew it, I had lost a few lbs and more importantly I had dropped one pant size. I take it with me on business trips and do a few minutes worth of sets in my hotel room when I wake up or on my lunch break. It's a great little workout device that will challenge you as much as you want.

4.0 4.0 1 1 I tried the ab wheel and thought it was pretty easy, that is until the next day when I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed! I kept on doing it for a couple of weeks and befor Ab Wheel

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